An Immodest Proposal: Fixing Boston Schools

I heard on the news earlier this week that Boston is spending more than $31,000 per student/year for K-12.  That seemed like a lot of money to me so I asked Bing-AI to help me understand this better.

I offered up this scenario :

  1. Starting at age 2, Boston contributes $31K into an annuity.
  2. The annuity starts paying out at age 18
  3.  Child works at minimum wage ($15/hr in CA and MA and indexed to inflation)
  4. Annuity stops at age 65

Bing told me that assuming 3% wage gains and annual growth rate of 5% that the child could expect a yearly income of over $65K (before taxes) at 18 and $93K at 65.  This would place them solidly in the middle class where the median salary in Boston is between $63K and $85K. 

So a couple would have a income over $130K/year by simply filling plastic cups at McDonald, which any toddler has figured out from its home refrigerator.  If they can match colors and symbols they could become pickers at an Amazon warehouse.

We could free up all that school real-estate for homeless shelters. The “educational professionals” would be freed up to take care of the homeless or teach immigrates to speak English.  All those school buses would be off the road making the morning commute faster and take less energy.   Parents wouldn’t have to argue with teachers on why their child desires an A and not a C-.  Politics would be easier without having to deal with teacher unions.  We wouldn’t have any more controversy regarding sexual identity in high school sports.  There would be no concerns about ACT, SAT and trying to get the Federal government to fund a drinking career at college.  There would be no book banning because there are no libraries.

I can only see up side.  What do you think?

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