Pope Bezos and the Cardinals of Amazon Now Ban Books

For 600 years the Roman Catholic Church tried to control what people read. They were afraid that ideas would confuse the “Faithful” from the fountain of true Knowledge. Banned authors included Hugo, Thomas Hobbes, Blaise Pascal, John Calvin, Rene Decartes, Spinoza, Voltaire, Diderot, Hume, Eramus, George Sand, John Mills, Dumas, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Victor Hugo, Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus and even Dante.

Publishers, printers, and booksellers had middle fingers then, and so we all know that the Earth revolves around the sun. 🙂

For the last 22 years, Jeff via Amazon has done everything he could do to destroy booksellers in the United States. The bookseller Borders is dead, Barnes and Noble tries to hang on, and thousands of small-town book sellers are history.

Okay, so they provided a “service” to make it less expensive to get books. An open store so everyone could get books less expensively and easily.  They are so good that they probably control 70% of all books in the United States.

Now, after constricting the channels for books, they have moved to the next level:  controlling what books can go into the channel they control. Pope Jeff have anointed the Cardinals of Amazon to determine what books people should read.

A book called “Harry Becomes Sally” is no longer available on Amazon.  They have removed it from their site.

Try a Amazon or Google Search… you won’t find it.  “Sorry”

Try this: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Cln4bCj5wx0J:https://www.amazon.com/When-Harry-Became-Sally-Transgender/product-reviews/B07D44F4G6+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-b-1-d

Amazon used to sell it.

The issue of transgender and self-identification is controversial. It generates positive and negative reaction from men, women, conservatives and far left. The concerns raised cover everything from women sports to severe negative consequences to adolescences (suicide, regret, etc.) subject to a self-identified “fact” of a child.  There are concerns about equal rights of any individual to declare what they are and that the self-described transgendered are no different than every other human roaming the planet. They are completely “normal” and should raise children.

I do NOT know what the right answers (yes “S”), for those individuals and the rest of society, but there SHOULD be an open discussion about it. If the Cardinals of Amazon think they KNOW what the right approach is, they, the Cardinals should be prepared to address the augments. If they do NOT have rational answers, then they should STFU and stop trying to stop an open discussion that affects EVERY HUMAN on this earth.  Contrary to the Cardinal’s and Pope’s thoughts, they are NOT that bright and do NOT have the unique view of the “True Light”.

I go to my local bookseller and buy books.  I haven’t read Harry Became Sally (Yet).  But I’ll do ANYTHING to support a non-censoring bookseller and stick it to Amazon. 

Pope Bezos and his priests and priestesses hold all wisdom and are going to protect all of America and the world from heresies. They fear that people are so stupid and Americans will be seeing more sides of a complex social issue

Contrary to the conclave of Cardinals, the Pope is NOT infallible. The Cardinals are NOT liberals; they are stuck into a mind set that THEY know truth and the rest of the world should NOT be exposed to anything else.  True Liberals want open discussion, totalitarians want to control the discussion.

It is obvious that Pope and the Cardinals do NOT have a good argument against any thing that the book presents. So, they do what is only a Trillion-dollar company can do, put their fingers in American ears and blinders on American eyes.  They are AFRAID of intellectual discussion because they don’t know how to have one.

But the real issue, they should NOT even be entering the discussion. I am willing to bet that MOST of Amazon employees have a complete spectrum of views on this complex issue that is NOT aligned with the Thought Police (sorry, Cardinals) at the top.

Support your local book seller and stick it to the thought police.  And send Pope Bezos a copy of ‘1984’.

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